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About Art On Metal

Sofia Bakirtzi began her exploration of arts in 1998. Soon she was especially fascinated by metal art, in which she specialized for a number of years, using mostly bronze, copper and nickel-silver. Over time she managed to evolve her initial designs, creating works of distinct shapes and character, creating art through endless inspiration. As she likes to mention “each and every time I want to turn cold metal into a warm, human material”.

Her inspiration comes from the most beautiful images and creations of Greek nature, such as trees, birds, butterflies, flowers, fish, boats etc. Images from everyday life and the world around her become alive in her hands, for example human and animal figures, hearts, angels, little houses, bicycles and more.

But what really stole her heart and soul was the olive tree. A tree carrying great symbolic meaning in the Mediterranean region.

Sofia always enjoys discovering new creations and ideas for her works, as when she used as base white pebbles for her unique handmade creations of metal. Sofia Bakirtzi is an authentic artist, with love for Greece and its civilization. With respect for tradition and her own personal roots.

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